Your community herbalist

Lynda Hannah is an experienced counsellor, a medical herbalist and a naturopath. She was a member of the NZ Association of Counsellors from 1997 to 2016, and NZ Association of Medical Herbalists since 2009. She has a Diploma in Herbal Medicine and a Bachelor of Natural Medicine.
In her counselling training she specialised in humanistic existential counselling and applies the principles of humanism and existentialism to her work with all patients, having discovered that everyone is grieving and in some kind of physical and/or emotional pain. We all want to enjoy our brief existence on this wonderful planet Earth, and we are all, to varying degrees, afraid of the future.  This understanding informs her practice of counselling, naturopathy, and herbal medicine.
As well as being a herbalist, naturopath, quit smoking coach, and counsellor she is also a mother, grandmother, gardener, celebrant, permaculture farmer, environmental activist, horsewoman, beekeeper, musician and writer living in Motueka.

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