Open letter to other health professional

Open letter to GPs, doctors, specialists, social workers, nurses, and other health professionals

Health Blossoms is a natural health practice in Motueka which offers confidential personal counselling, evidence-based herbal medicine, nutritional coaching, and facilitated self-care. I have been a counsellor for about 20 years and a member of the NZ Association of Counsellors since 1997, primarily specialising in grief counselling and life’s challenging transitions. In 2014 my work expanded to include palliative and disability care. I also have a Bachelor of Natural Medicine and a Diploma in Herbal Medicine, after seven years study, and I specialise in the overlap between physical, mental and emotional health. As such I welcome referrals of any of your patients whom you believe may benefit from my expertise, particularly around stress, anxiety, grief, depression and all their many potential comorbidities, causes or consequences such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, addictions, hormonal problems, dysfunctional family patterns, etc.

I collaborate with open-minded health professionals on suitable treatment plans that will benefit our community and our mutual patients, including those with complex health needs. Please feel free to contact me for more information, or refer any of your patients who are motivated to seriously improve their health. I would also welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can assist each other with some of our patients.

Yours sincerely

Lynda Hannah

B.Nat.Med., Dip.Herb.Med., MNZAMH