Gift Vourchers

Is there someone you love who would benefit from a Health Blossoms consultation but won’t justify spending any money on themselves?
Are you looking for a unique gift for a friend?
Are you concerned about the health of someone you love?
Do you or your family or friends struggle to maintain your New Year’s Resolutions beyond the first week of January?
Do you want to improve and support your family’s health

If so come and see me! I can help with all this and lots more.


If you or they are keen to:

lose weight
quit smoking – or any other habit/addiction
lower cholesterol, blood pressure or blood glucose levels
manage stress and anxiety better
balance hormones
control diabetes
reduce depression
sleep better
learn how to easily eat healthily
increase longevity
reduce drug/medication needs
eliminate chronic pain
reduce risks of cancer, heart disease, or other serious illnesses
improve general health and vitality
or generally enjoy life more

– I can help!!!

Health Blossoms is offering gift vouchers for $100 for the first two consultations per person  (that is, two consultations for the price of one for new patients!) then $80 per hour for subsequent consultations. They are valid for one year from the date of purchase, so you have plenty of time to put them to good use.

Or you could buy a 50% off voucher for $50, a 75% off voucher for $75, or a 25% off voucher for $25!

Give your loved ones the gift of health – they don’t need more ‘stuff’! Anytime of year, and for any reason, but especially around Christmas so I can support them with their New Year’s Resolutions.

This is the year your Health Blossoms!