Health Blossoms!

Health Blossoms is a new concept in integrated health and wellbeing.

It combines evidence-based herbal medicine with personal counselling, nutritional therapies, mindfulness, health education, and lifestyle guidance. Whatever your physical, mental or emotional health challenges, Health Blossoms can help you move in the direction of wholeness again. weird pink flowers and winter 1

Natural medicine has a different approach to health from pharmaceutical medicine. It’s not about prescribing a herb instead of a drug, it’s about treating a person, not an illness. It’s a philosophically different perspective that involves the whole person, not just their symptoms, bridging the gap between pharmaceutical drugs and the human soul.

Health Blossoms specialises in natural solutions to chronic illness such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, obesity, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and their various causes, comorbidities and consequences. We explore the overlap between emotional, physical and mental illness, and offer natural, integrated ways to restore health and happiness.

Sometimes just having someone to talk to can be enough and Health Blossoms offers experienced, confidential counselling. Other times restoring good health requires more than just a listening ear, and herbs and healthy food have traditionally been the main way in which people (and all other mammals) have improved their health. Make an appointment today and find out how Health Blossoms can help you regain your health and happiness!

When you’re ready to bloom…

Health Blossoms!